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“From the moment you awake it hits you, this is it no more rehearsals. The day you have spent so long planning is suddenly here and you just hope and prey all your choices and hard work will come together as one.”

I know from my own wedding that things had to be just so, not just for me and my bride but for everyone attending that day. Yes we all want to make our own wedding day the best one ever, but sometimes we can overlook that one little attention to detail which can make or break our day.

It is so important…
To make the right choice’s when booking your wedding entertainment. Generally it starts with a blank piece of paper and a computer then after trawling the internet for hours and speaking with family and friends you end up with lists of ideas but still no further on which can be be tiring and very frustrating.

Don’t cut corners…
If you are reading this then the chances are you will be searching for your own wedding singer
Before you book any entertainment do yourselves a favour and have a good look around, make a couple of selections then call them to find out if they are performing locally so you can go along to a gig and have a listen, this is a good exercise you have nothing to lose, only then will you will know if you have found the right singer for you.

Be prepared…
to ask the right questions, performance length, do you want 1 or 2 sets, does the singer interact with the audience, can he/she sing your first dance etc.

Planning your entertainment…
If it’s a daytime performance you require then you will need to discuss serving times with your venue to work out exactly when your entertainment can start. Would you want the performance to be before or after the speeches or during your drinks reception? Its all down to your personal preference.

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  1. Hi there you sang at few weddings of friend s of our this year Paul and Neil s just see if your free on 24 th of sept for 1 hour 30 mins to sing and how much ?

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